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It takes us a long time to think about how to produce the best products, including how to measure the effectiveness of our work, and to make sure that we're not just thinking about the things that are most likely to be measured, such as defects. In addition to a product to do "no loophole", obviously also need other attributes to become a high quality products!
Jun 21
How To Solve The Rusting Of Double-sided SSAW Steel Pipe
If the double-sided SSAW steel pipe is rusted, the steel surface is mainly polished using tools such as a wire brush. The...
Jun 20
Steel industry: fundamentals continue to improve
Steel stocks accelerated to go, the industry is basically facing good, steel mills have no worries. Steel stocks continue...
Jun 18
China's steel production is close to half of the world's, 8 t
We all know that China once had steel refining. The goal set at that time was to chase the English Premier League. Now th...
HeBei Zhongyue Pipe Fittings Sales Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing company specializing in developing, researching and producing a variety of steel pipes and fittings. It owns advanced processing technologies, production equipments and testing and detection systems.
It manufactures many common types of bends, reducers, three-way pipes, four-way pipes, flanges, bent pipes, plug-in connectors and expansion joints, etc. Based on different clients, it can design and manufacture products in accordance with GB, GB/T, HGJ, SHJ and JB in China, ANSI, ASTM and MSS in USA, JIS in Japan and the international standard ISO. Its products have been widely adopted in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, papermaking, electrical, space, pharmaceutical, water treatment, chemical fiber, urban construction, machinery and other industries. All its products can meet the requirements for pipe connection.